Aidan read in the ADAC GT Masters

With back-to-back ADAC GT Masters events, Aidan has had little time to digest his debut at Zandvoort last weekend as he begins preparations for the fifth round of the championship, and yet another new circuit, at Nürburgring.

Zandvoort proved to be a tricky weekend for Aidan, teammate Marvin Dienst and Schütz Motorsport as a whole. Ultimately however the young Australian racer remains firmly in the hunt for the ADAC GT Masters Junior Classification with three rounds remaining.

With testing not an option at the classic Dutch venue, Aidan and the team went into the race weekend without reference – this coupled with varying track conditions session to session put them on the back foot.

Saturday’s race took place in damp and extremely windy conditions. Marvin started from tenth overall, fourth position in class, but his good work soon became undone when he was involved in a racing incident on lap one and dropped towards the back of the field before handing over to Aidan. The timing of the stop was spot on however and this enabled Aidan to emerge back into the field in 11th overall, sixth in class.

A good result appeared to be on the cards despite everything, but unfortunately damage sustained early in the race forced Aidan to retire the #36 Mercedes on the grounds of safety at two-thirds distance.

Sunday was a bit of an unknown, qualifying without a reference on the conditions and setup. Aidan started from 28th place, 13th in class. Despite heavy traffic ahead in the opening stint, Aidan made a good improvement on pace, setting the team’s fastest lap en route to 24th, 11th position in class gaining 7.5 valuable points. This was a good recovery and a tidy way to end what was a really challenging weekend.

Aidan and Marvin’s record over the previous three rounds keep them in the hunt for the Junior Classification heading to Nürburgring with 105 points, just 20 behind the class leader.

“A great experience, but Zandvoort was tough,” Aidan stated. “I need weekends like these to get to where I want to be. Nürburgring starts this Thursday and I’m keen to get back in and have a good one to follow up.”