FFF Racing Team and Aurae are pleased to announce a collaboration for the 2016 season that will combine the ultimate in luxury lifestyle and financial services with world class GT competition.

Aurae, based in London, England, provides distinguished and accomplished individuals with an Aurae Lifestyle Membership and bespoke Aurae Solid Gold MasterCard®.

Members can customize their solid gold card with unique designs and up to 164 precious stones to create a piece that celebrates the individual cardholder’s legacy and status.

The Aurae mantra – Legacy. Lifestyle. Liquidity – reflects the fact that it provides a plethora of lifestyle opportunities, as well as a range of financial solutions for the international businessperson.

Christopher Scanlon, President of AU Card LLC, said: “Our collaboration with FFF Racing Team will focus on delivering the ultimate legacy and lifestyle experience for racing enthusiasts around the world, while providing unique and discreet financial solutions to invited members of the GT racing communities.”

FFF Racing Team Principal, Andrea Caldarelli, added: “I am really delighted and proud to announce this partnership between Aurae and FFF Racing Team. Our collaboration with Aurae is already off to a great start and we are extremely happy to be working with Aurae and its CEO, Christopher Scanlon. We are confident that FFF Racing Team will be a long term partner with Aurae, as both companies are fully committed to being formidable protagonists in the motorsport world. I am really looking forward to starting this 2016 season together.”

For more information on Aurae, please visit the official www.AuraeLifestyle.com website, or follow AuraeLifestyle on Instagram.