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OCC LASIK Racing is the product of a doctor’s lifelong passion for motorsport and his established relationships with BAM Motorsports.

OCC LASIK is a leading laser vision correction centre in Ontario, Canada that specialises in ophthalmic surgery and eye care.

The centre has over a dozen years of experience in the field of ophthalmology and, with a proven track record in exceptional eye care, OCC LASIK prides itself in being equipped to provide superior results in laser vision correction.

The Canada-based company looked to motorsport, where clear vision is imperative to optimise performance and maximise safety, to boost its public profile when it appointed FIA World Touring Car Champion, Rob Huff, as an official brand ambassador in 2013.

The association, forged by BAM Motorsports, took OCC LASIK to all four corners of the globe, but Director and Eye Surgeon at OCC LASIK, Doctor Fareed Ali, took his love of motorsport further in 2016.

The Canadian is ‘living the dream’ and, having contested the 2015 British Dunlop Endurance Championship, his vision for the future began with an entry in the burgeoning CREVENTIC 24H Series with a new Porsche Cayman GT4 in 2017. A partial campaign followed in 2018 before testing with Aidan Read in the Thai Super Series Vattana Motorsport Lamborghini in early 2019.

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