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Driving Growth through Social Media

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Our Approach

Taking over social media in 3 steps

1. Create
Design and make the content before, during and after the event to engage the audience.
2. Share
Show it to the community to gain a following and increase excitement around your brand.
3. Connect
Build and maintain the network to gain a loyal and dedicated fanbase across the globe.

Make the client the hero of the story

Types of Content

Frequent content targeted towards the audience, including race results and event details.
Content to reach new people and grow the audience, through big announcements and launches and creative PR activities.
Day-to-day content aimed at answering questions, showcasing throwbacks, highlighting interactions and more.

Communication Strategy

  • Announcements
  • Reports
  • Success Stories
  • Targeted Promotion
  • External Press Co-ordination
Presence at Events
  • Client Representation
  • Point of Contact
  • Press Co-ordination
  • Targeted Promotion
  • Content Creation
Social media
  • Results
  • Adhoc Announcements
  • Direct Comms
  • Branding
  • Targeted Posting
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