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Why choose BAM Motorsport Promotions?

With a combined wealth of experience and knowledge, we are specialists in Motorsport PR and Marketing.

Do I need a contract with BAM Motorsport Promotions?

All our products and services are designed to be purchased on an ad-hoc basis or as part of a bundle, so no contract is required.

Can you cover my event without me?

We are able to attend events on your behalf and provide content as required.

What championships do you have experience in?

We have extensive experience in all major GT and Prototype championships, globally. Whether it is a support series for a UK championship or competing at Le Mans, you can be assured we have the experience and knowledge required to work on your profile.

Why would I choose a bundle?

It is an easier solution with flexibility on both sides to ensure that events are covered extensively with pre-event, at-event and post-event content and distribution as required. In addition, continuity is beneficial for both parties, while client costs are reduced.

I have more than one car to cover, is the price the same regardless of the number of entries?

The prices quotes cover up to two entries. Additional costs will be incurred for additional cars, subject to series, location and championship.

Which social media platforms do you use and as a client, can I choose the levels required?

The decision is yours. Generally, we plan our strategy around Twitter, Instagram and/or Facebook as three separate channels for differing content, but we can adapt to your requirements.

What press would I expect from a weekend event coverage?

Generally, we produce and distribute a pre and post-event release to be tailored to your requirements. If we are on-site, we will get factual, direct information from the drivers and team during the event, while the pre-event can be based on historical results, quotes, announcements or additional information.

Who do you send the press releases to?

We have access to extensive databases to create a bespoke list of press contacts for each of our clients. This, added to known individuals within the industry, plus people from your own distribution list, builds the basis of the list.

Is the release properly branded?

All our releases are individually customised to your needs. Generally, we brand the releases with sponsors, images and graphics as required. We do add an additional BAM Motorsport Promotions banner in the footer of all releases.

How many people will read a release?

This is difficult to define, but as a rule of thumb, we aim for an open rate of roughly 20 percent, some five percent above the industry standard. Most bespoke lists include between 500 and 1500 people depending on the championship and team size. So, expect 100 to 300 opens.

Do you provide a photography service as a company?

We are able to arrange a professional photographer for most events, depending on the requirements and location. BAM does not have in-house photography, but we do have a large network of freelance professionals we can bring in as required. The same applies to videography.

How do you create interest on social media?

In most championships, we work with the series organisers, alongside implementing best practices and tailoring how we share information on each channel following a custom-made plan.

Do you charge VAT and what are the terms of payment?

BAM Motorsports Promotions Ltd are registered for VAT in the UK and as such will add VAT at the current rate where applicable. All our prices are quoted net of VAT. We require full payment in advance for new clients, and offer net 30 days to our existing clients.

If my team does not finish an event, do I as the client get a discount?

The agreed fees are not reflected in race results. Exceptions can be made in 24-hour races for example, where hours are significantly reduced, but as a rule, no.

What kind of expenses would a client be expected to pay?

Depending on the bundle option, we will charge an additional £40 per day for subsistence. Reasonable costs for travel and accommodation also need to be factored in and the travel and accommodation decisions are down to our company, based on pre-agreed limits. All prices are subject to VAT.

Do you provide ‘grid girl’ services?

We can supply hostesses and “grid girls” ad-hoc, depending on your requirements.

Do you update websites with results, images and releases?

Depending on the options you choose, then yes we can update pre and post event as needed.

What is your VAT number and your billing address?

accounts@bam-promo.com BAM Motorsports Ltd, Corner House, 2-4 Albert Road, Ripley, Derbyshire DE5 3FZ, UK.

Still got a question? Get in touch and we will be more than happy to help.

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